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Family Medicine and Children's Health

Antenatal Care

Care for you and your growing baby

Child Health

Growth and developmental checks, injuries and illnesses

Family Planning and contraception

Informed advice on preventing a pregnancy or starting one


(2 ,4 ,6 , 12, 18 month, 2 and 4 yo) Timely protection against serious infections that used to mar childhood.

Maternal Health

Care for new mums as you recover from birth and adjust to life with a baby

Vaccinations: Children and Adults

(pneumococcal and influenza) Season flu jabs and booster vaccinations.

Family Medicine and Childrens Health


Commercial and private drivers licence examinations

Medicals to help you get behind the wheel.

DVA Medicals

Veterans’ care with insight and respect.

Insurance Medicals

Everything you need to submit your paperwork.


Medical checks to help you enter the workforce


Supporting you through workplace injuries.

Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011


Disability medical assessments.


Asthma management plans to help you breathe easy

Cardiovascular Management

Lowering your risk of heart disease


Ongoing management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease


Diagnosis and treatment to preserve joint function and quality of life.

Diabetes Management

Helping you to manage your blood sugars

Heart Disease

Heart health checks, management and referrals


Support, encouragement and accountability to help you lose weight.

Mental Health Care Plan

A safe space to talk about how you’re doing and make a plan of care.

Chronic Disease and Pain Management
Mens Womens Health

Men's and Women's health

Women's health

Cervical screening, breast health and other health needs.

Men's health

Male-pattern baldness, erectile dysfunction, prostate & bowel cancer

Procedures and Tests


Promoting healing and reducing the risk of infection.


Monitoring your heart’s electrical activity.

Liquid nitrogen "freezing" therapy

Destroying skin lesions by applying extreme cold.

Minor surgery including skin flaps and grafts

Saving you a hospital trip for minor procedures.

Removal of sutures

A convenient option when your wound has healed.

Skin cancer procedures

Identification and removal of small skin cancers.

Skin biopsy

Removing a sample of skin for testing.


Measuring how well your lungs are working.

Procedures and Tests
Preventative Health

Preventative Health

Health Assessments

(40-49yo; >75yo; DVA; ATSI)
Government-subsidised assessments of your overall health

Skin cancer checks

Physical examination and discussion of risks

Wellness checks

Considering your smoking status, nutrition, alcohol consumption and physical activity levels.

Covid Vaccines

Train your immune system to resist COVID-19.

Travel Vaccines

Helping you stay well wherever you may go.

Private Fees & Bulk Billing

WeCare Medical Centre is a Mixed and Bulk Billing Practice.

Commercial Driver’s Licence, Pre-employment Medicals, Insurance Medicals, and other procedures, do attract a fee.

Please ask reception for the cost of these services.

  • Veteran Affairs cardholders are bulk billed.
  • Hicaps for Insurance Card Holders.
  • No Medicare Card attracts a private fee.
  • Dr. Sandy: bulk billing available for patients under 15 and people with health care card.
  • Dr. Tabinga: bulk billing available for patients under 18 years old, full time uni students, pensioners and people with health care card.
Full Fee Rebate
Standard Consultation $75.00 $39.10
Long Consultation $110.00 $75.75
Extended Consultations $140.00 $111.50